Panglao Dive Festival

The activity, which is dubbed the "PANGLAO DIVE FESTIVAL", will happen from JUNE 16-20, 2021. Moadto Strip, settled at Modala Beach Resort, will be the venue of the 6-day fiesta. Aside from the several FASCINATING dive sites the town of Panglao offers to our DOMESTIC and NATIONAL diving enthusiasts, several suppliers and trade exhibitors will display their latest gadgets and merchandise during the trade fair.

Feast Your Eyes to these Images

This display of VIVID underwater images of the extraordinarily magnificent dive sites of Panglao will charmingly MESMERIZE and entrancingly FASCINATE you. Feast your eyes on these beautiful seawater creatures and views which have been freely thriving, providing a harmonious balance of the marine ecosystem.

Let these creatures SHINE their appeal before your eyes, and let your underwater camera lenses seize their exquisite elegance. The images captured of these beautiful marine lives will help promote their CONSERVATION.

Comfortably Enjoy the SITE!


Having recently opened its doors to the public, Modala Beach Resort, a part of Tumoy Leisure Village, is a four-star resort accommodation situated at the tip of Panglao, Bohol. This 10,000-square meter property boasts of 126 Filipino-themed rooms that are spacious enough to accommodate your family and friends. Modala also features the longest stretch of powdery white sand, as well as the most breathtaking sunset view in the island--perfect for those who want to be one with nature. Staying in the newest pride and joy of Panglao will not only transport you into a tropical paradise that is seemingly untouched by time as it also offers guests various enjoyable luxury amenities and activities from festive events to a world-class dining experience.


Moadto Strip Mall is nestled between Modala Beach Resort's fine, powdery white sand shoreline and crystalline blue waters; a 2-level retail experience in Panglao like no other. You will be welcomed with a massive and intricately carved door that leads to a lush 300 square-meter lawn and 40 commercial shops. You can choose between a whole slew of continental cuisines from Asian to Chinese to Filipino, so you can dine with great food that will satiate your palettes or just simply enjoy the sea breeze and shop for local souvenirs and many more! Finally, you will be led to an amazing beach front where locals and tourists of Bohol can swim, mingle and experience the best sunset in the island.

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