Panglao Dive Festival

After six long years, the Local Government Unit of Panglao once again holds another DIVE FESTIVAL! This time, the ever-dynamic members of the Panglao Association of Dive Operators brush elbows with the key persons of the government organization to help in ensuring success and proper implementation of the DIVE FESTIVAL.

The activity, which is dubbed the "PANGLAO DIVE FESTIVAL", will happen from JUNE 16-20, 2021. Moadto Strip, settled at Modala Beach Resort, will be the venue of the 6-day festival.

Aside from the several FASCINATING dive sites the town of Panglao offers to our DOMESTIC and NATIONAL diving enthusiasts, several suppliers and trade exhibitors will display their latest gadgets and merchandise during the trade fair.

The underwater MARINE LIFE of the world-renown dive sites of Panglao is now in its healthiest shape after it was left to naturally thrive during the several months of lock-down with only reef rangers giving care and conducting series of coral transplantation.

The richness of the marine life and underwater landscape of Panglao will surely be a sight to behold for the UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHERS and the rest of the divers.

FREE-DIVING competition will have its debut also alongside the regular diving disciplines.

So visit Panglao, join and support the activity and ENCOUNTER A BREATHTAKING EXPERIENCE!